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Hey hey!  Well, today we’re SUPER excited because tomorrow we will be on our way to the beautiful Ft. Lauderdale beaches for a weekend getaway! 

(DISCLAIMER: Yes, we usually blog about home and DIY stuff, but once in a while, we have to share great finds, and this is definitely one of them).

So, every year since our first wedding anniversary, we have been spending it relaxing at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort and this weekend will make 4 years that we keep this “tradition” alive.  Actually, the hubz spent his bachelor weekend at this hotel, and that’s actually how we found this little jewel. 

Every year we spend about 2 minutes contemplating whether or not we’ll try out a new hotel, but after we snap out of it, we realize how much we absolutely love EVERYTHING about this place!

So let me take you through our typical weekend so that you can get a taste of why we can’t get enough of this place. We start the day off with a delicious buffet breakfast downstairs in the hotel restaurant. 

Then we are ready to kick off some fun in the sun! The hotel staff is super friendly and always ready to set you up with some chairs, towels, and an umbrella at the beach.  Till now, we can’t complain, the water is always perfect temperature and not too crazy with waves.

So, once we get our “beach fix”, its usually time to head to the pool.  Now, this isn’t your typical hotel pool; its actually a shallow entry pool where you can lounge as if you were laying on the shore.  We alternate between sunbathing and relaxing in the Lazy River (yup, I said lazy river).  It’s the coolest thing ever!

So, does it sound like paradise yet?  Well, in case that’s not enough, let me keep going!  Our afternoons are usually spent sipping on a Happy Hour margarita, munching on some FREE popcorn, and watching the sun go down from rocking chairs overlooking the ocean.

Once we’ve freshened up, we usually head out to a cool Ft. Lauderdale restaurant for some dinner.  But after dinner is the best part!  Once we get back to the hotel, we always head to the in house Ice Cream Parlor for something sweet to end the night.

Now do you see why we love this place?!  With its throwback to grand old Florida hotels and Key West style, it’s a big change of pace from our regular lives.

Ok, so I hope we’ve sold you on trying this place out! After writing this, we’ve just gotten ourselves even more excited about this weekend!  We can’t wait to make many new memories in our little slice of heaven.


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I know I’m not the only one that deals with this problem. These nasty, yellow, cloudy headlights drive me crazy. It makes your car look older than it really is and if you’re like me you’ve tried it all; from the sprays, to the creams, and even paying someone to buff out your lights. But then after just a couple of months the cloudiness comes back. I’ve tried sooo many different products and nothing has worked.

Well, I came across this new one from Turtle Wax and according to the guy at Advance Auto Parts this one is different because it comes with a sealer that protects your headlights after you clear them.

Now, I’m not sure if it works but I just tried it today and I’m bringing you guys along for the journey. In a couple of months I’ll post an update entry and let you know if this really is the “miracle restorer”. I can tell you this much, the product initially does work. Check out the before and after pics below.

I know what you’re thinking and no! that beautiful car is not for sale. lol And for those of you who have known me for a while… Yes, that is the same Maxima I have had for the last 11 years. It’s scratched, dented, cracked and has over 200,000 miles BUT its my baby and I looooooove that car. So if anyone has any hook ups with TLC and can get me on Overhaulin PLEASE hook it up!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the first “Just Jack” edition of our blog. Peace out!

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