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Moving into a small home, we knew we were going to have to take on the “storage” challenge.  Questions like, “how are we going to share a closet?” started to arise.  Well, that’s where we had to get creative…

At first, the idea of sharing a standard reach-in closet had us ­­­­­­bummed.  We thought we were going to have to get rid of half of our stuff!  But once we installed shelves and created separate hanging spaces, the closet that once made us cringe…

…now made us smile!   Jack had his space and Jill had hers. (plus a little of Jack’s space, too…)

Before you go and tear down any closet doors, keep in mind that the largest bi-fold door they make is 3 ft. So if your closet opening is larger than 6 ft you’ll have to divide the closet into 2 even parts. For example, our closet opening was 8 ft so we had to get 4 separate 2 ft doors. See picture above.

Creating closet space is a simple project that anyone can do.  Jack has built quite a few closets in his life, and he has a fail-proof plan of making it work.

Step 1:  Head on over to your nearest home organization store.  These places usually give you a free consultation on how to maximize closet space.  You give them the specs, they give you detailed plans for your project.  Simple as that.

Disclaimer: If you have no problem spending like a thousand dollars to re-do your closet, then stop reading…this is not for you, but thanks for visiting! :) But, if you’re like us and a) you don’t have that luxury, and b) you don’t mind wire shelving, here’s what you do.

Step 2:  Take those plans, and visit your local Home Depot.  Show those plans to someone in the closet section, and they will cut every piece of wire shelving down to the exact measurements for you!  And guess what?  It only costs you a fraction of what you would’ve paid at the other place!
Step 3:  Now that you have all your materials, go home and get to installin’!  In no time you’ll have yourself an awesomely spacious closet! (Or you can just call Jack, and he’ll install it for you) ;)

Hardware tip:
Bolt anchors are more reliable than screw anchors especially with the amount of weight your closet shelves will experience. (If your closet wall happens to be on the exterior wall of the house then you will have no choice but to use screw anchors. They work just fine, dont worry.)

Once we finished our closet, we went on a storage-craze around the house… 2nd closet? Check!  Linen closet? Check!  Pull-out drawers?  Double check!!

Don’t judge.  Do one closet and you’ll see! ;)


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