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Recently we’ve run into the problem of where to keep our keys.  Most people would just throw them on the coffee table, but ours isn’t exactly conducive to that.

So, we had to come up with a solution.  Now, any other normal person would’ve gone shopping for a key holder and solved the problem in a day.  But no sir, not us.  If you know us, you know that we are faaaaar from “normal” and we like to go above and beyond (aka complicate ourselves) in everything we do!  So, here’s our version of a key holder….
First we bought a very ornate brown-ish colored frame from Michaels.
Jack found a pretty cool website that shows you how to give anything a faux pewter finish and he went to town on it!  The frame came out a.ma.zing.
Then we had to figure out what to put inside.  Jack found a pic on istockphoto that we fell in luf with!  It’s a close-up pic of a purple wooden door with a worn-out silver lock.  Not seeing it?  Yea, I figured…here’s a picture…

Quick plug for istockphoto:  This is an awesome website where you can purchase an image for a few bucks, and get it printed professionally (we went to FedEx Office).  This is a very cheap way of bringing great artwork into your decor…but we’ll leave that for another day…)

Ok, so once we mounted the picture to the frame, the only thing that was missing was a hook for the keys, so we stopped by Walmart and bought some screw hooks.  When we got home, Jack spray-painted the hooks the same color as the frame and screwed them into the bottom of the frame. And, voilà!!! We had ourselves a custom key holder!  Ain’t it fab?!?  We think it is!
This mini project definitely took some time, but it was well worth it and it was really not that hard at all.  You should try it sometime.  ;)

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