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Helloooooo!!!!  We know, we know…we’ve been a bit distant lately.  But we are now back in full effect! We have some awesome projects coming up (refurbished side table, repurposing mirrored closet doors, refurbishing vintage dresser, outdoor  projects, etc.) so stay tuned!
Lately we’ve been wanting to share little tips and tricks on home decorating that we’ve picked up along the way; from HGTV, to blogs, to friends that are “in the know”…here is what we’ve learned.
Let’s talk about COLORS, no not the ‘98 party at Amnesia, we’re talking about splashes of colors in your house! When we first started shopping for home stuff, we decided to go for an apple greenish accent color.  The only other 2 colors in our house were neutrals…brown and white; so our house was looking a bit one-dimensional.  Finally, someone mentioned something about using the color wheel to choose your colors!  So we set off on our famous Google searches to find exactly how to do it.  Basically, we learned that one of the ways to choose colors is by finding the direct complement color to your original color.  Ok, that sounds confusing.  For example, we started off with a lime-ish green, and then we looked on the color wheel for the color that was on the exact opposite side, and that will give you your complementary color. 

Ours happened to be a purple-ish hue.  So, we went shopping for a few purple accessories and voila!  We’ve got complementary colors up in here ladies and gentlemen!

Now, here’s a tip that we learned a long time ago.  Always try to keep your accent colors (like our green and purple) away from main furniture pieces and walls.  It’s usually a better idea to restrict the colors to throw pillows, accessories, wall art, etc.  The reason behind it is just so that when the day comes that you are sick and tired of the green and purple, for example, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to change your whole color scheme.

So, the same person that taught us about colors also schooled us on wood finishes.    Before this person “showed us the light”, we always figured that you should keep the same wood finish on all your furniture.  I mean, when you go to Rooms To Go, or most other furniture stores, all the furniture pieces in the room are the same exact wood finish, so we automatically assumed that that’s the way to go.  Well…au contraire mon frère…the exact opposite is true!  We learned that mixing and matching is the way to go! 

All you have to remember is that if you’re going for a modern feel, then you have to stick to “modern” woods like zebrawood, wenge, or walnut.  And if you’re more of a traditional furniture person, then you stick to oak and cherry wood.  There are plenty of other wood finishes out there that you could and should experiment with!  Make your home fun and eclectic and make it YOURS!


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