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Hey there!  Today we want to discuss a problem that many of us deal with in our homes…STORAGE SPACE!  For us, moving into a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home, this problem became quite relevant very quickly.  We had to start coming up with ways to utilize ALL the space we had. So let us take you on a little field trip around our home…

Let’s start off with the bathroom.  Seeing as we only have one small bathroom, this posed a problem.  We had to fit a bunch of stuff under the sink and it was looking like a hot mess down there, until we found Roll-Out (read in a Ludacris voice) Under-Cabinet Drawers at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Hallelujah! These suckers are awesome because you can make use of the vertical space under the sink.  Now everything has its own spot, in its own compartment.  For us anal retentive people, it’s so nice to see things organized.  =)

Now let’s move on to the kitchen.  The space under the kitchen sink is home to all of our cleaning products; this includes about 5 spray bottles.  This area is our hot mess zone #2!  The minute you start using products and you don’t put them back exactly where they belong, the area slowly evolves from perfectly aligned rows, to complete and total under-sink pandemonium.  So we found this very clever solution on Pinterest.  Basically, you install a tension rod towards the top part of the cabinet space so that you can hang all of your spray bottles! Genius I tell you!

Ok, so now let’s shift our eyes over to the cabinet where we keep all of our spices.  We’ve all been in the situation where you’re looking for a specific spice and you have to lift each and every bottle to read the label because they all look the same from the top.  Well, that’s where we got sucked into an infomercial!  Have you ever seen the one for the Swivel Store Spice Rack?

Well, yea…we bought it.  And guess what?  It’s the greatest thing ever!  You just slide it into your cabinet and load it up with up to 20 bottles!  You even still have enough space on the sides to store larger bottles.  Really guys…it worked for us!

So you might be asking yourselves, “what the heck are those red things on the door?!”  Well, my friends, this is another little idea we found on Pinterest.  (I must stop here and do a little plug for this fabulous website…if you haven’t been on it yet, you MUST…after you read our blog of course….it’s the best idea for organizing all of the awesome things you find online…ok now back to our regularly scheduled programming).  So, while pinning my life away, I stumbled upon a great idea from Family Handyman and decided to try it out.  All you need are some 3M plastic hooks and a label maker, and you’ll have yourself the most organized measuring cups/spoons in town!

Finally, let’s talk about our pantry.  When we first bought the house, this area used to be an actual pantry closet; but the smartest thing we ever did was knock it down and turn it into a big ol’ cabinet with pull-out drawers!  The top part has 2 monstrous shelves that are still half empty, and the bottom part has 4 pull-out drawers that house everything from cans, to pots/pans, to even our printer.

Yes folks, you heard read right…our printer is in there too!  Since we don’t have the space for a real home office, we had to make do with what we had.  So we bought ourselves a wireless printer and connected our laptops to it.  Now we can be sitting on the sofa, working on our laptops, and hit “print” and our papers will be sittin’ pretty, waiting for us to pick them up from the pantry drawer!  Crazy, huh?

So these are just some of the adjustments we had to make in our home to have everything fit comfortably.  And it’s actually becoming a bit addictive.  Your creative juices really start flowing when necessity strikes! So, party on Garth! (yes…feelin’ Wayne’s World-ish right now).


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