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Jack and Jill Ride the Train

Hi friends!  So, let’s get off the “home improvement” topic and switch over to useful tips!  We wanted to share with you a great traveling tip that we learned from a family friend, and it hasn’t let us down so far.

So, say you’re going on a trip and you’re flying out of FLL (Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport).  What are your alternatives for getting there?  You either drive yourself to the airport and pay anywhere from $5 to $20/day for parking, or you go down your list of friends and family to see who can drop you off (and pick you up, for that matter).

Well, guess what folks?  Another option does exist!  Behold… (insert royal trumpet intro) THE TRI-RAIL!

This train travels from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale (and Palm Beach) at almost all hours of the day!  What’s the damage?  $3.75 each way (weekdays) or $5 roundtrip (weekends).  The train ride from Miami to FLL takes less than 40 minutes (which is what you’ll spend driving yourself anyways) and you don’t have to worry about driving or parking at FLL.

Keep in Mind:
Weekday trains depart every 30-60 minutes.
Weekend/Holiday trains depart every 2 hours.

Here’s what you do…the Miami station is located around Le Jeune Road and 21st St. (exact address plus other stations can be found here); you can park your car for free.   Then you buy your ticket and jump on the Tri-rail.  There is even space for your luggage to travel safely.

Once you get off the train in Ft. Lauderdale, you catch the Tri-rail shuttle.  This is a 10 minute ride and it drops you off directly in front of your airline.

It’s as simple as that people!  Here’s the link so that you can check it out for yourself… http://www.tri-rail.com/index.asp

Next time you’re traveling out of FLL, go on a little adventure and try out the Tri-rail.


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